The Weekly Eater: Fooki’s Taiwanese cuisine proves almost too popular

By Review by Nadine Kam, Special to the Star-Advertiser

In normal times, restaurant popularity is a good thing. In COVID-19 times, the price of popularity is the risk of putting oneself in harm’s way.

It took Fooki nine months to open, but soon after doing so on July 3, increases in coronavirus cases led to a decision to close the dining room for the safety of customers and employees. The restaurant had been open just three weeks, but the rush for a taste of Taiwanese cuisine had led to overcrowding at the doors and demands to seat parties larger than the 10-person maximum mandated by the state.

So for now Fooki is open for takeout only, which is a shame, because so many specialties, such as the beef noodle and MaLa soups, are best enjoyed on the spot. That said, ingredients and soup are packed separately, so that noodles and proteins don’t get overly soggy and overcooked en route to your destination.

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