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Seminar Topics & Information

May 29, 2019

General Seminar Room 1

The Recipe for Attracting and Keeping Employees

When: Wednesday, May 29 10AM-11AM

Speaker: Janina Abiles, Manager of Client HR Trainings and Products, ProService

About: Engaged employees are critical to a businesses’ success as hospitality to guests. Yes, finding and keeping solid employees is one of the biggest challenges many Hawaii employers are faced with. Learn how to leverage your brand to attract job-seekers and keep them excited about coming to work daily.

Who Should Attend?  Small business owners, HR departments,  General Managers

The Future of Media Consumption (and how to keep up with it)

When:  Wednesday, May 29 11:15AM-11:45AM

Speaker: Spectrum Cable

About: The daily bombardment of information from various media can be overwhelming, but there’s a smart way to harness all this data and grow your business while still serving your marketing goals. Check out this 30-minute seminar and discover the most successful ways of reaching customers through hyper-targeting your audience and maximizing your advertising budget.

Who Should Attend? Small-business owners, HR departments, general managers, business owners, marketing professionals

Cyber Security & Safety

When: Wednesday, May 29 12PM-1PM; Thursday, May 30 12PM-1PM

Speaker: Detective Chris Duque, Cyber Security Investigator

About: Staying ahead of cybercriminals who wish to hack or breach software, or spread viruses and ransomware is what savvy businesses do. Get expert advice on protecting yourself and your business online from a longtime cyber crimes investigator.

Who Should Attend? Business owners, marketing professionals, HR departments, digital departments

Tip-Pooling: What, When & Why?

When: Wednesday, May 29 1:15PM-2PM

Speaker: Clayton Kamida, President and CEO of Hawaii Employers Council

About: When you work in the service business industry, tips are a regular part of your day. Learn from the head of the Hawaii Employers Council effective methods for tip-pooling (or sharing) as well as some of the best gratuity strategies for your industry.

Who Should Attend?  Business owners, restaurant owners, food and beverage managers

Creating a Work Culture Focused on Food Safety

When: Wednesday, May 29 2:15PM – 3PM

Speaker: Peter B Food Safety

About: Proper safety training is a critical component for food handlers, who continue to rank at the top of the list of food safety risk factors. Through this 45-minute seminar, business owners and managers will better understand effective strategies to ensure their staff embraces food safety practices.

Who Should Attend?  Food and beverage staff and managers, business owners

HFM 2019 Hospitality Industry Trends

When: Wednesday, May 29 3:15PM – 4PM

Speaker: TBC

About: Hear from Hawaii’s major food distributor on the new trends for now and the future. Trend topics include: Food & Beverage trends, Concept Trends and information on Inventory Systems.

Who Should Attend? Food and beverage staff and managers, small business owners, clients of HFM

General Seminar Room 2

How to Gain the Competitive Edge in Marketing

When: Wednesday, May 29 11:45AM-12:30PM; Thursday, May 30 2PM-2:45PM

Speaker: Star-Advertiser Digital Marketing team

About:  Learn integrated business marketing strategies and tactics that will add brand value and have your business stand out in a sea of competition. This seminar will highlight best practices and have attendees gain insight to define business differentiators and optimize your presence.

Who Should Attend?  Business owners, marketing professionals

May 30, 2019

General Seminar Room 1

Honolulu Liquor Commission Update

When: Thursday, May 30 10:45AM-11:45AM

Speaker: Anna Hirai,  Honolulu Liquor Commission

About: Learn the latest updates and rules from the Honolulu Liquor Commission. Attendees will learn and gain clarification on commonly missed, cited, overlooked regulations as well as updates on upcoming rule modifications.

Who Should Attend? Small-business owners, general managers, business owners, marketing professionals, digital departments

Leveraging the Power of Creative Storytelling

When: Thursday, May 30 10AM-10:30AM

Speaker: Spectrum Cable

About: Great content blurs the lines between advertising, education and entertainment. Sharing stories and photos that are powerful and engaging can help businesses break through all the clutter. Discover how a creative story campaign can help your business attain the engagement you’re seeking with your customers.

Who Should Attend? Small-business owners, general managers, business owners, marketing professionals, digital departments

How To Get The Most Of Your Online Reviews

When: Thursday, May 30 1:15PM-2PM, Wednesday, May 29 1:15PM-2PM (General Seminar Room 2)

Speaker: John Carrol Sr., Brand Evangelist Yelp

About: Nine out of 10 consumers turn to review sites to determine if they will use the services of local businesses. Master how to set your operation apart and discover why responding to online reviews is beneficial in the long run.

Who Should Attend? Business owners, restaurant owners, food and beverage managers

HART Transportation Update for the Hospitality Industry

When: Thursday, May 30 2:15PM-3PM

Speaker: CEO, H.A.R.T.

About: During this 45-minute seminar and Q&A session, a Honolulu Authority for Rapid Transportation, or HART, representative will provide the latest information about the 20-mile-long, 21-station rail transit system, discuss its benefits — especially for Waikiki workers — provide an estimated time of completion to Ala Moana Center, and talk about the HOLO card’s (smart card/pass) integration between the bus and rail systems.

Who Should Attend? Business owners, hospitality industry