Supermensch Is In The House


What’s on the menu for celebrity chef creator and agent to the stars Shep Gordon? A special appearance at this year’s Hawai‘i Hotel & Restaurant Show, where guests are in for a super treat.

The man who built a career out of making other people famous and wound up becoming famous himself continues to shine brightly in a world of glittering stars.

Such is the life of the highly influential talent agent and culinary mastermind Shep Gordon, who at 74 shows no signs of burning out. In fact, he appears to have a lot left to give even in semi-retirement, starting with his appearance at April’s Hawai‘i Hotel & Restaurant Show at Hawai‘i Convention Center (see accompanying stories). There, he’ll be the featured speaker and will likely cover a range of topics — from his creation of the celebrity chef genre and decades-old connection to rock ‘n’ roll and Hollywood’s elite, to his sundry philanthropic endeavors and keen insights into living a peaceful, productive existence.

Event attendees, however, will probably want to hear more about those legendary dinners he hosts at his home on Maui, where a who’s who of celebrities often appear at the table. That’s because as part of this year’s trade show, a private dinner with Gordon will be auctioned off to a group of very lucky people.

Sharing a meal with the man fondly referred to as “Supermensch” (his life was chronicled in the Mike Myers’ 2013 documentary Super-mensch: The Legend of Shep Gordon) and who’s managed the careers of a number of luminaries, including Alice Cooper, Teddy Pendergrass, Luther Vandross, Pink Floyd, Blondie, Kenny Loggins and Groucho Marx, certainly isn’t a bad way to spend an evening. But to do so in the company of some of the most notable A-listers, too?

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