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Grok Coffee widens world of beans, brews for Oahu coffee fans

For some, coffee is a means to start up the brain each day; for others, it’s an indulgence to enjoy. No matter which camp we’re in, local coffee expert Shawn Steiman has figured out how to make high-quality coffees accessible, in a way that supports the local coffee community, offers customers some customization and education, and is nearly zero waste.

Steiman, author of “The Hawai‘i Coffee Book” and “The Little Coffee Know-It-All,” launched a coffee order and delivery service in August, the latest facet of his Grok Coffee business.

Folks seeking a perfectly prepared cup have long turned to Steiman at his Grok Coffee tent Saturdays at the FarmLovers Kaka‘ako Farmers Market. His brews — always locally roasted — add a touch of luxury to the utilitarian act of food shopping during a pandemic.

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