Oahu’s North Shore worth a trip for Da Bald Guy’s plate lunches

It was worth the trip.

Actually, it was worth two trips. After the first time, I had to make a second North Shore trek from my home in Kapahulu to get more of Da Bald Guy’s next-level plate lunchery; it’s that good. And, while I was out there, I thought, why not check out how things are going at a couple of landmarks I’d never visited before? Word is the wait times at Romy’s and Matsumoto’s are a lot shorter than before COVID-19

His menu is not extensive, but even with combos in play it takes more than one visit to sample the best of Da Bald Guy, whose real name is James Martin, and is actually Da Bald Guy II. (His dad, Leonard Nombris, opened the food truck among a cluster of them at the site of the old Kahuku Sugar Mill about five years ago).

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