Back in the Day: Recreate two favorite dishes from the legendary Swiss Inn


It’s easy to serve gourmet food when you add expensive ingredients to a dish, such as black truffles or caviar. The real challenge is to serve great food that people can afford to eat every day. Chef Martin Wyss, who owned the legendary Swiss Inn in Niu Valley, was known for cooking elegant comfort foods that were affordable.

From 1982 to 2000, he and his wife, Jeanie, served basically the same menu from the day they opened. It included European specialties such as Trout Caprice, Croute Emmental, wiener schnitzel and cheese fondue — not usual Hawaii fare.

One of the most popular dishes at the Inn was Emince de Veau, Zurich-style strips of tender veal with mushrooms in a wine and cream sauce. It was served with the perfect complement, a crisp potato pancake called roesti, the national dish of Switzerland.

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